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Servicing, Repair & Data Destruction

Computer Hardware is an expensive asset and keeping that asset functioning is both an operational and financial imperative.


​But it is not just about extending the life of products, it is also about reducing our impact on the environment. Sumo Technologies takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and operate under the seven R's of Sustainability Principle: By utilizing our extensive expertise in the supply, service, and repair of computing products we strive to reuse out of date products, repair broken products, and put these to use where we can.


For example, our stores use a 10-year old PC, keyboard, mouse and scanner from old projects. We do the same in shipping, goods inwards, and in our service centre where we also have a part reclamation station where unrepairable equipment is stripped down and components reclaimed.

We have other methods to make reclamation and reuse possible, for example our Data Destruction Service, whereby Sumo Technologies provide certified data destruction for disk drives, allowing them to be reclaimed and reused once the data has been destroyed and the disk reformatted. You can find out more about that here: Data Destruction Service.


We invite you to play a part in this initiative by engaging Sumo Technologies to repair your products rather than replace, upgrade your products rather than buy new, or by allowing us to reclaim components from your unserviceable equipment to keep your other equipment functioning. 

There are many ways which we can work with you on this: we can repair individual devices, a batch of devices, or enter into a repair contract whereby Sumo Technologies take on the responsibility for the servicing, repair, and refresh of all your computing devices and peripherals. 

Service contracts can be configured to your specific service level requirements and range from a repair contract for a batch of devices, through to a complete managed service, where Sumo Technologies will take on the responsibility for the servicing, repair, and refresh of all your mobile devices. We'll even repair a single device if that's what's required.

To find out more call our offices or email, to fill out the enquiry form here

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