The management of data is a perennial problem for all organisations, not least of which the security required to protect data falling into the wrong hands. Which is why Sumo Technologies have developed a data destruction service that removes some of the headache associated with the safe disposal of redundant data.


Once received all drives are logged and a confirmation sent back to you that these have been received. They are then processed to digitally eradicate any data and evidence of that data. 


Just register your request on our website and you will be sent an authorisation number and a quotation. Then print and attach the labels we send you, package up your drives, and ship them to us.


Once completed you are issued a unique certificate and the drives are disposed of as you have requested, this can be to return the drives to you or to resell the drives on your behalf.


Because the process is digital and does not involve the physical destruction of the drive there is no environmental impact. Even the certificates themselves are not printed, but emailed to you as a PDF.

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