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Repair Terms

If you return a unit to us then you have agreed to our terms and conditions stated below.

Any units returned may have their operating systems reloaded in which case all existing data would be erased. Please make sure that all data is backed up as we are unable to take responsibility for any data lost.

Please also provide an Administrator Username and Password for the unit as this will help speed the repair process up and also help prevent having to reload the operating system.


Please do not include any other items other than those asked for.


Please also ensure that a return address and contact person at the return address is provided.


If no fault is found then an inspection charge of £40 + VAT and return delivery charge of £10 + VAT will apply (UK delivery only).


If you do not authorise us to carry out the repairs that we quote to you once we have inspected the unit then an inspection charge of £40 + VAT and a return delivery charge of £10 + VAT will apply (UK delivery only).


All faults must be reported otherwise they may not be repaired.


A full inspection and test can be carried out at additional cost please ask for this before sending the unit back.


If the device is out of warranty then return delivery costs will be charged to you. Items under warranty are delivered FOC for mainland UK only.


If you are outside of mainland UK then a return shipping cost will apply even if your unit is under warranty.


This RMA is valid for 30 days. If the device is not received within this timeframe then the RMA will be closed and you will have to request that the RMA is opened again before the return can be accepted.


Please note if we do not receive a Purchase Order within 6 months of the quotation the RMA items will be disposed of.


Full warranty Terms and Conditions are available upon request.

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