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Protecting Our Customers Investment

Press Release

For Immediate Release

10th June 2020

Contact: Simon Philpott

Sales & Marketing

Sumo Healthcare

01904 670670

Protecting our Customers Investment

Sumo Technologies launches new product to help maximise an organisations investment in hardware

Malton, UK: Sumo Technologies announce the release of a new services product aimed at extended the life of their products, and to maximise the investment made by its customers.

The Sumo Advantage+ is a bespoke support product that sees Sumo Technologies take control of the health of an organisations user devices in a proactive rather than reactive manner by taking a long-term view of product life-cycles and determining the impact of potential hardware or software changes. The objective is to keep our devices in use as long as practical and also deals with day-to-day product failures or breakages. Unlike a Technology Refresh it is not about replacing all your technology at the end of a nominal time period. Also, a company can adopt The Sumo Advantage+ at almost any point in a product life-cycle, unlike an extended warranty or hardware refresh.

Simon Philpott, Head of Sales and Marketing for Sumo Technologies reflects on the decision to introduce this new product, “As a company we have been upgrading and repairing products for two decades and have some prestigious clients such as Microsoft® and Techdata©. Our plan is to capitalise on the experience and skills we have developed to offer a support product that takes the pressure off of a company’s IT resource, whilst releasing cash back into the company and reducing their environmental impact.”

Sumo Technologies will be showcasing their new product at an online seminar to be held on June 18th, at 2pm.

You can register your interest to attend here:

Sumo Technologies formed in 1999 and supplies its range of Industrial PC’s, Smartphones, Tablets, Battery-powered PC’s, and displays to various industries including Architecture, Construction, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Security & Defence.

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