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Mustang Sally

I remember the first proper holiday I had in the USA, it was 1995 and I was at yet another IT Conference on the West Coast, somewhere along the delicious Highway 1 near Huntington Beach. I decided to take 10 days off after the conference with my girlfriend (later to become my wife) joining me. As a treat I rented a white Mustang Convertible GT with a red interior as we planned to drive further up Highway 1 calling in at various tourist traps along the way.

It was late Spring, and the weather was warm and sunny most of the time and we drove first south with the V8 5.0 engine purring like a big cat and the sun on our faces, we were living the dream as we drove down to La Jolla, then San Diego, then headed north again through Carmel and onto Monterey eventually going cross-country and ending up in Yosemite. The beauty of that car was that it was absolutely perfect for our chosen routes, whilst cruising along the coast we were able to put the top down and enjoy the sunshine and sea air and because of an electrically powered roof when the odd squall did occur or we drove through sea mist, we were able to slow down and put the roof up without the inconvenience of having to stop. It was also great in the Rockies, in the cool mornings we could keep the roof up, but during the day we could drive with the top down and enjoy the stunning scenery and the warmth of the sun.

Convenience and flexibility are something that makes a good product a great product; the 1995 5.0 Mustang GT was a good car; the convertible version was a great car. It’s much the same in computing; a 15.5” laptop is good computer, but a 15.5” convertible laptop is great computer. Which is why when our partner DT Research decided launched their range of rugged laptops in January of this year they opted to make these 360 convertibles but not only that, they also drew on their experience with both the military and healthcare and made them shock, vibration, EMI, EMC, and HERO tested, with antimicrobial enclosures: this was a first. Add to that high-capacity batteries and Night Vision Displays and you have one awesome, powerful, flexible, machine.

Just like the Mustang 5.0 GT Convertible, except that its not available in white……..yet!

The DT Research range of 360 convertible laptops are available from Sumo Technologies ,

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