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Triggers Environmental Award

I am a huge fan of Only Fools and Horses, especially some of the old classic sketches, like many productions from that era they can carry a hidden message, such as making an effort to maximise the use of an item to minimise its impact on the environment that one gets from the sketch about Trigger’s award.

By way of introduction, Trigger has received an award from the local council, his employer, for having the same broom for twenty years, when asked how he came to keep the same broom for two decades is response is classic Trigger:

Trigger is adamant that what he has is the same broom but looking at it deeper he could have changed the whole lot when the handle or head wore out, instead he refurbishes it. His saving and impact on the environment are minimal, but it sets out a good standard for all of us, he has the right mindset when it comes to his tools, it is a mindset that says, ‘think about how I can continue to get life out of this broom, not about getting a new one.’

Significant time, money, and expertise is spent by our governments, industry, and the public looking at how to recycle products that we no longer value, and whilst it is commendable it is not the answer to the $58bn of electrical products dumped in landfill every year. The answer is to attack the root of the problem, longer term this requires designing products that can be recycled, upcycled, or easily maintained or repaired, in the short to medium term it requires a significant change in mindset to one that seeks to extend the life of our products through upgrading, servicing, repair, maintenance or upcycling, and penalties/incentives that encourage that encourage us all to do so.

Sumo Technologies has invested a lot of time ensuring that we have the technical capabilities to provide a service that aims both to extend the life of a products, as well as reducing their impact on the environment. We have also codified this into a services product that seeks to achieve this, the Sumo Advantage. Whilst we won't be able to help you with your brooms, we can help you with smartphones, handheld PC's, tablets, PC's, servers, printers, and a wide range of peripherals and accessories. To find out more about this radical new approach that will save you money and time, whilst protecting the environment email us, or visit The Sumo Advantage | Sumo Technologies.

For a light-hearted outlook why not take a look at the full sketch:

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