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Ushering in the 'New Normal'

Another stroll down memory lane for you, this time it’s about the circus and the new normal, some of which is nostalgic for those of us of a certain age. When I was a kid and went to the cinema I was shown to my seat by an usher, usually well-groomed and dressed in a splendid uniform, who would also chastise you for talking too loudly, smoking in the non-smoking area (yes it was allowed in cinema’s back then), and bad behaviour. I had the opportunity to visit the (Jay Millers) circus with my family during the recent school holidays which for me was steeped in nostalgia; we were ushered to our seats by a well-groomed person dressed in a splendid uniform. It really was an excellent start to the whole experience.

Cinema Ushers circa 1950

The opening of the circus shows that there may be some light at the end of the tunnel with this pandemic, especially here in the UK where Bojo and his team seem to have a handle on the whole vaccination thing. There is also a new normal procedure; of wash-hands whilst singing ‘Happy Birthday’, apply sanitising gel, know which bubble your in, social-distance, wear facemask, etc. which I guess will be nostalgic for some people in 50-years’ time? However, dealing with personal hygiene is one thing, what about dealing with our surroundings, or dealing with result of contamination rather than the cause? As I have written many times before, one area that is renowned for being a harbinger of harmful bacteria and pathogens is our computer equipment: keyboards, mice, smartphones, laptops, and tablet PC’s. I’m not going to share the research with you again to save you the boredom, but I am going to share with you what some hospitals, clinics, surgeries, and care homes know already; using devices made or coated with anti-microbial material drastically reduces the infection risk. Which is why a large number our non-healthcare range of laptops, tablet PC’s, all-in-one PC’s, and smartphones are now manufactured using anti-microbial materials providing everyone with the kind of infection protection as our health and social care customers and organisations owe it to their customers, staff, and the fight against this awful pandemic to start installing infection-free solutions from Sumo Technologies.

And one other thing, I also think bringing ushers back to cinema’s is a good move, and not just for us nostalgic old farts!

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