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The 7 R's of Sustainability

As a technology company you would expect to see a proliferation of the latest and greatest technology in our offices and workshops, wouldn’t you?

The answer is no! We take our environmental responsibility seriously and operate under the seven R's of Sustainability Principle by utilizing our extensive expertise in the supply, service, and repair of computing products we strive to reuse out of date products, repair broken products, and put these to use where we can: for example our stores uses a 10-year old medical PC, and keyboard, mouse and scanner from old projects.

Even the desk is recycled office furniture! Not a pretty sight, but who cares when it is being used rather than being added to the 2 million tons of electronic equipment scrapped each year!

We do the same in shipping, goods inwards, and are about to implement this principle on our new repair workstations that we are adding to cope with the increase in demand in this area. I guess this is why we came up with the idea of The Sumo Advantage, a service product that itself operates on the same 7 R's principle by seeking to extend the life of your computing products.

Why not do your bit and see how you company can reduce your environmental footprint whilst saving money by signing up to the Sumo Advantage?

Details available here:

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