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Seeing Double

Multi-display setups are no longer the exclusive domain of hackers and gamers as portrayed by Hollywood, for many years now ordinary folk, such as myself, have been able to avail themselves of a multi-screen workstation without the need of a budget one would normally attribute to a small country, and the efficiencies gained by such setups are immense.

Which is why one of the newer additions to our product portfolio has really captured my imagination, meet a battery-powered medical-grade monitor! The monitor, when added to our existing battery-powered all-in-one PCs enables multi-screen working unfettered by a power-cable, and the fact that in common with our PCs they are both antimicrobial and ES60601-1/IEC60601-1-2 certified means that they are safe for use in clinical environments.

Also like our PCs these come with the option of DC power outputs allowing the powering of 12V/15V/19V accessories, peripherals and devices. So whether your requirement is for a multi-screen setup, or you need to expand the display of your laptop or smartphone, the battery-powered medical-grade displays from Sumo Technologies might just be what your looking for. Find out more->

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