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Further adventures in an e-Car, postscript

Well, it finally had to happen and after my ranting and raving about the pitfalls of an electric car I thought it only fair to share a positive anecdote. Travelling back home over the bank holiday weekend I arrived at a charging station half-way through my journey and drove straight into a charging spot where I was able to charge my car in 50-minutes (it was a wonderful Ionity fast-charger) and continue my journey without any mishaps. I arrived home in 5 hours and 45 minutes, a record in my little electric vehicle. But not only this, the same happened on my return journey after the long weekend, although traffic was heavy, so the journey took me 6 ½ hours. So, there you have it; a ray of sunshine in my stormy experience of owning an electric car. I just hope that experience continues….watch this space!!

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