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A Handheld Windows 10 Device, Your Kidding?

In a market swamped with Android and iOS consumer devices a Windows® handheld is a rare thing, a little strange considering Microsoft Windows runs 72.1% of the worlds servers, and therefore is the platform for a majority of enterprise applications.

So when a Windows® devices appears in the sector of the market dominated by the other players it is something to shout about, and that's exactly what we are doing: Introducing the new 6” Windows® handheld available from Sumo Technologies!

Given the code ST362GL this Handheld Rugged Tablet features the integration of a high brightness 6" capacitive touch screen that can be operated with gloves, a high performance yet energy efficient Intel® Pentium® Silver processor within a slim, lightweight, durable package. Sporting an impressive array of data connectivity and collection including built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a smart card reader as well as options for rear camera, barcode scanner, GNSS, NFC, and UHF RFID reader. And this tablet is tough, military tough, boasting both MIL-STD-810G and HERO certifications, as well as water and dust protection measured at IP65.

One area that really exposes the different between products that are aimed at consumers and those that are designed and built for industry is the batteries: The ST362GL - like all of our handheld devices - features a hot-swappable battery, meaning the device can be run continually. Weighing in at only 485g, because the protection is intrinsic to the device it doesn't need an expensive case to keep it safe.

Finally, running Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise the ST362GL also comes with a plethora of accessories, such as Trigger Grips for both barcode scanner and RFID operation, 4-system Gang Charger, 6-bay battery charger, and desktop charging cradle.

The impressive new 6" Windows® handheld from Sumo Technologies, the heavyweight in rugged, mobile, computing.

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