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Tablets, All-in-One PC's, Displays, Carts, Workstations and Smartphones for both end user or OEM Applications.

Our European product repair centre based in Malton provides repair and service facilities for some of the World's  largest technology companies.

Sumo products are designed to operate in the most exacting environments whilst providing impressive computing power and unparalleled mobility.


SUMO Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2000 with a mission to provide more options to users and system integrators in the growing thin-client and embedded systems markets. Since that time we have expanded to offer our customers a much larger variety of solutions and services.​

Our business focus has evolved into Personal Computing products that are mobile, durable, and meet the needs of exacting environments such as the military, healthcare, warehousing, food & beverage processing and many more.


Sumo Technologies source products from leading manufacturers throughout the world, and partners with innovative companies in Europe, to deliver solutions that will make a difference.

Our tablet PC's, battery-powered All-in-One computers, handhelds and PDA's are used in a variety of challenging environments where they can be pressure washed, dropped onto concrete floors, blown-up, resist electronic attacks, cleaned with chemicals, all whilst still maintaining a high-level of reliability and useability.

We pride ourselves on providing solutions to a customers problems and meeting our customer needs, so if you don't see a product here that meets your particular requirements we would be happy to source and evaluate one that does.

Sumo, the heavyweight in mobile technology.

About Us
Our Products



Sporting Full-HD capacitive touch screens, high performance, energy efficient Intel® Celeron® and i-Series within a slim, lightweight, durable package, our range of tablets come with a wide range of options: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, NFC, GNSS, 3G, 4G,  front and back cameras, and 1D/2D barcode scanners. Offering professionals an effective tool to monitor, record and retrieve information in exacting environments.

All-in-One Computers

Utilised on a desk or mounted on a cart,  our mains or battery-powered all-in-one PC's integrate 18", 20", 22” or 24” screens, with powerful yet energy-efficient Intel® Core™ i-Series processors. With WLAN connectivity and a range of options and accessories they are ideal for environments where mobility, durability and flexibility is required.

Handheld Devices

For Industrial or Medical, from a simple barcode device to a full-blown 3G/4G device with NFC, GPS, fingerprint reader and high-quality camera, our diverse range of handheld computers and PDA's are available for both Windows® or Android.

Embedded Controllers

Our thin-client and cloud computing appliances combine powerful computing, low power consumption and fanless operation integrated into a compact and robust enclosure for flexibility in location and application.


Our devices are used in a variety of environments from Food & Beverage processing plants to Front Line Military Deployment. In fact anywhere that demands superior computing performance coupled with unparalleled durability. 

We supply our products through a network of resellers in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Defence & Security

Vibration and Shock Resistance, tolerant to both EMI and EMC, and Hero certified the Sumo Technologies range of military-grade panel PC’s, tablets and hand-held devices are built and tested to operate in the most exacting of environments such as operation rooms, in vehicles, field hospitals, or on the battlefield. Further, the addition of large capacity, dual, hot-swappable batteries to the range extends the operational life of these devices beyond the duration of any situation or event


Health & Social Care

Providing unencumbered computing either in a hospital, clinic, or in the community is provided by our range of medical grade computers. From full-size battery-powered PC’s mountable on a cart, large-screen tablet PC’s, through to handheld PDA’s and Smartphones, Sumo Technologies provide the solution to allow seamless data collection and access wherever care is being provided. All our devices feature anti-microbial materials, impressive IP ratings, and are certified for use in clinical environments. Our Healthcare division has its own site at, why not visit to find out more about our work in this area.


Landscaping & Architecture

Sumo Technologies solutions for the landscaping and architecture industries consist of ruggedized tablets with highly accurate GNSS, long-range Bluetooth, and outdoor viewable screens that can be operated using gloves and in the rain. For greater detail images we also include high-resolution options, as well as the ability to upgrade to professional standard graphics cards. Detachable keyboards, desk docking stations, and vehicle mounting accessories allows one to work at a desk, in a vehicle, or in the field without any loss of functionality or usability.


Heavy engineering, micro-electronics, and food processing are some of the environments in which you will find Sumo Technology devices. Whether controlling a process, accessing an ERP system, or reviewing drawings and schematics our range of panel PC’s, tablets and handheld computers are designed to operate within the harshest manufacturing environments. They are Resistant to vibration, shock and some have ratings up to IP69 allowing them to be cleaned to the highest exacting standards these are just some of the characteristics of a range of equipment fit for purpose.


Retail & Wholesale

Retail solutions from Sumo Technologies feature barcode scanners, EMV® Chip-and-Signature card readers, encrypted magnetic stripe readers, and camera modules making our PC’s, tablets and handhelds ideal for point-of-service/sales applications, offering seamless information capture for instant transmission on the sales floor, in the restaurant and in the warehouse. For the image-conscious retailer, we also provide a range of appliances that are aesthetically striking whilst delivering consummate functionality.

Warehousing & Logistics

Sumo Technologies solutions for the warehousing and logistics industries feature mobile workforce management through industrial-grade mobile tablets, handheld devices and ruggedized vehicle-mountable computing systems. With optional wireless communication and data capture modules, our systems are a critical tool to realize just-in-time manufacturing, streamline the workflow of warehouse management, distribution, inventory control and stock replenishment, providing the functionality and mobility required to stay ahead in the global market.


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Client in Focus


SynchroPhi are  dedicated to developing informatics systems for deployment in healthcare settings. The company has maintained a certified medical-grade Quality Management System (ISO13485) since 2008 and all of its product development work complies with the Medical Device Software Standard (EN62304). Its KEWS300 product is CE-marked in compliance with the EU’s Medical Device Directive and is also FDA-cleared. The company is based in Galway, in the heart of Ireland’s medtech hub.

“Running our software on sumo hardware has made a big difference in how our clients interact with our system.  Their responsiveness and helpfulness when supporting us has been excellent”

Colm Connolly PhD

Senior Solutions Engineering

SyncrPhi Systems Ltd



Our Address

Sumo House

8 Showfield Industrial Estate


North Yorkshire

YO17 6BT

Tel: +44 (0) 1904 670670

Fax: +44 (0) 1904 670570


Office Hours

Monday – Friday  9AM – 5.30pm

Closed on Bank Holidays.


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